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When the news broke about Donald Trump firing Jim Comey, the White House claimed it was because the FBI Director treated Hillary Clinton 'unfairly' during that infamous email investigation.

Like a lot of Americans -- Pat Buchanan isn't buying it.

Conservative political commentator and former Presidential candidate Pat Buchanan says he doesn't think the firing of Comey was about Hillary Clinton at all.

Echoing some of Trump's critics on the left, Pat Buchanan pointed that Trump regularly praised Comey's treatment of Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail. its highly unlikely he suddenly felt bad for his former opponent.

Instead, Buchanan thinks President Trump may have just 'exploded' and simply had enough of Comey.

"He wanted to get rid of him," Buchanan told Tom.

But just because Buchanan isn't burying Trump's rationalization about Hillary, it doesn't mean the former White House adviser for Nixon and Reagan thinks President Trump is trying to 'cover something up'. In fact, Buchanan told Tom he doesn't believe Trump colluded with the Russians and thinks the investigations are going on way too long.