Hobby Lobby CEO David Green believes giving is important and everyone, including the poor, should be doing it.

The billionaire and founder of the successful arts and crafts chain says he gives half of his earnings to charity and has donated more than half a billion dollars over his lifetime

While he understands most people can't be that generous, he does believe, when it comes to tithing, or donating 10% of their income to support the church, everyone should do it.

And he does mean everyone.

While appearing on FOX News Radio's Tom Sullivan show, Green was asked if his beliefs about tithing also applied to families who are having a hard time getting food on the table. Green responded "It may be because they're not."

Green, who comes from a family of preachers and is well known for "running is business with Christian principles", discusses the importance of tithing and charity in his new book, "Giving It All Away...and Getting It All Back Again: The Way of Living Generously". As the title suggests, Green feels those who follow God's will and tithe will be rewarded.

You can listen to Green's full interview with Fox News Radio's Tom Sullivan above.