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Drugged drivers were involved in more fatal crashes last year than drunk drivers. Of the drivers who tested positive for drugs, more than a third had used pot.

As marijuana legalization spreads from state to state and use of the drug becomes more and more normalized, one can assume the number of stoned drivers on the road will only increase.

As alarming as that may sound, police lack the tools to detect stoned drivers and keeping them off the road.

Currently, most available drug tests can't quickly determine if someone is impaired by marijuana. However, an Oakland-based company says they have technology that can help police departments nationwide detect and measure recent marijuana use during a traffic stop.

On Wednesday's show, Hound Labs CEO Dr. Mike Lynn joined Tom to discuss their patent-pending dual alcohol and marijuana breathalyzer that they say can save lives.

Dr. Lynn claims their handheld device is the first in the world to measure the presence of THC in someone's breath, which he says is key to determining when a driver smoked and if they're capable of operating a motor vehicle. Hound Labs says their breathalyzer will help law enforcement accurately punish those who abuse marijuana and deter users from ever getting behind the wheel.

"By measuring THC, the stuff that gets you high, in someone's breath," Dr. Flynn said, "you are actually measuring at the exact same time people are most impaired."

According to Dr. Lynn, their devices have already completed roadside field testing by law enforcement officers and could be "on the streets" before the end of the year. They also say a "home version" could be available soon for pot users who may not know if they're impaired or not.