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Gov. John Kasich says American voters wanted a quick fix -- so they elected Donald Trump.

During his current book tour, the Ohio Governor and 2016 presidential candidate joined FOX News Radio's Tom Sullivan Show.

When asked about why his message didn't resonate with Republican voters during primaries, Gov. Kasich credited Trump's success to his reliance of 'negative populism'.

"It was like 'you don't have anything because somebody else got it," described Kasich.

Kasich, won just one primary in 2016, said Donald Trump sold himself as a simple solution to all of America's problems.

"We live in a period of time when people want a pill to fix their problems, " Kasich said, "it doesn't work that way."

Kasich says Donald Trump's position on some issues have changed since he's become president and now resemble his own. But he understands why his stances may not have resonated during the tumultuous Republican race.

"Those positions in the minds of voters were probably boring. But I didn't think I should go out there and make promises I couldn't keep".

Despite his criticisms of Trump's campaign message and not voting for him in November (he wrote-in Sen. John McCain), Gov. Kasich says he is rooting for the President and has supported some of his decisions so far.

In his new book, Two Paths: America United Or Divided, Gov. John Kasich takes you behind-the-scenes of his own campaign and his concerns for America's future.