by John Gibson

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Call this good news. A storm of outrageous anti-white racism blowing out of colleges and universities is exemplified by two stories in today's news. Yet another conference on white privelege ballyhooed in Kansas City, and black students at Pomona college in California demand the hiring of a professor be rescinded because she is white.

Obviously, those two stories are not the good news.

Instead the uplifting tale of modern life in today's America comes from DeSoto High School in Texas.

The high school football won the state championship. The school is 80% black, and the football team is largely black.

The coach is Todd Peterman. He served as the offense coach for a few years. He eventually won the head coaching job. In addition to bringing his players a championship, his coaching included an insistence that his players perform well academically.

Yet, the news in Dallas was suddenly and shockingly aflame--on all of the major Dallas local news outlets-- with the possibility the school board was going to fire Peterman because he is white.

The school district is over 77% black, the school board is made up of four black members and three white, and the previous head coach was black.

Those facts, plus the question of whether Peterman's contract would be renewed, plus what was obvious leaks from the school board to local reporters, led to what was the obvious issue: should Peterman be dumped because he is white.

It didn't happen. The school board, facing a packed house of Peterman supporters, backed down.

The good news? The Peterman supporters were the black players and black parents.

It was especially gratifying to see the young black players--the very people who might have got sucked into the anti-white racism promulgated by BLM and the Kaepernick Movement (whatever that is) stood up for their white coach.

Hats off to them.

The school board is evidently covering itself by claiming there are allegations against the coach that need to be investigated. Something to do with practice times and bringing in a star player from another town, in essence violating league rules.

Not to say the black players are BLM rejectionists. I don't know that. And I don't know if they've even been asked if they support BLM and it's ilk.

Whatever. But the players recognized that the white coach was a good coach, a good leader, and a benefit in their lives. They did not fall for the if it's white it ain't right atmospherics of much of the race discussion that is part of our national life.

So kudos to the black players and black parents of DeSoto High School in Texas.

They are today's good news.