You Did Time For What?!: Gibson Talks To Convicted Felons About Their Right To Vote

A felony conviction means the loss of many things: time, money, and often career, but in Florida it also means a lifetime ban from the voting booth, even after a sentence has been served. It's a rule that affects more than 1.6 million Floridians, or 10-percent of the voting population, according to The Sentencing Project. Florida is just one of three states in the country that automatically strips felons of voting rights. That could soon change. A movement to join the other 47 states is picking up momentum. In 2018, voters could decide whether or not certain convicted felons in Florida, who've served their time, should have this civil right restored. Yesterday John Gibson took it to the callers and asked, should felons be allowed to vote? The controversial question sparked an interest in Gibby's audience and callers filled the lines, about 50% of which were convicted felons themselves! Listen to the segment below: