Doctor Explains How ObamaCare, Entitled Patients Chased Her Out Of Medicine …

Audio clip:

President Trump is once again urgently pushing Congress to repeal and replace ObamaCare.

But for one former doctor in Maryland, his efforts are too little, too late.

On Friday, while discussing the GOP's latest Obamacare efforts, "Theresa", a former doctor from Maryland, called in to explain why our broken health care system and ObamaCare convinced her to leave medicine.

Theresa said she ended her almost twenty year career as a doctor because she was tired of the low pay, the fear of lawsuits and patients who didn't care for themselves, nor wanted to pay for their care.

Patients who relied on her to be healthy and live long lives, according to Theresa, were also reluctant about compensating her for the services she provided. She says too many Americans see health care as a right.

"They're willing to a pay plumber to fix their toilet or their sink," Theresa complained to Tom, "but I am supposed to be a free entity to them?"

Theresa also complained that death is "a bad word" to most people and billions are spent on keeping people alive -- no matter what.

After Theresa's call aired, the audience was split. A lot of listeners empathized with her complaints about the bureaucracies and the costs of running a doctor's office. A lot of other callers just called her a whiner.