Weeks after their last attempt failed, the Republicans have a new plan to repeal ObamaCare.

On Thursday, during a news conference with THE Italian Prime Minister, Donald Trump even seemed to endorse the plan, say it's "gotten really, really good."

FOX News Radio's Tom Sullivan, on the other hand, isn't so thrilled. In fact, he thinks the plan is really, really bad.

After breaking down some of the new health care reforms being floated BY House Republicans, Sullivan explained why their ideas won't fix any of the problems with our health care system. In fact, Tom says the old plan is worse than the GOP'S last failed plan ... and about the same as our current plan!

"It's not ObamaCare Lite," said Tom, "It's full-fledged ObamaCare 2.0"

Tom wondered if the plan, being pushed by GOP moderates, is only being supported by the President because he is eager to get a "win". But like with ObamaCare, Tom is worried that rushing through a health care bill will only cause more problems.