FOX News’ Stirewalt On Trump’s So-Called Flip-Flops: “The Genius of Donald Trump … He Is Not Bound By his Prior Statements”

President Trump has been accused by both sides of the aisles of "flip flopping" and shifting away from some of his "America First" polices. And with Steve Bannon seemingly on the way out, some of his loyal supporters worry there will be no one left to keep him in check.

So, with President Trump warming up to NATO and China, and bombing Syria and Afghanistan, is he risking losing his base?

Fox News' political editor Chris Stirewalt says not necessarily.

On Thursday's show, Stirewalt joined Tom to discuss the motivations behind President Trump evolution and why most of his supporters will accept his shifts.

"The genius of Donald Trump," Stirewalt told Tom, "is he is not bound by his prior Statements."

Stirewalt pointed out that Trump regularly changed his views during the campaign, but his key supporters are only interested in jobs and immigration. If he creates jobs and gets the border under control, Stirewalt predicts his voters will stick with him.