For decades, no entertainer, news-maker or audience member was safe from a insult from the great Don Rickles. But most people found being his target an honor.

Tom Sullivan, however, says he once had the honor to dish it back to the iconic 'insult comic".

On Thursday's show, Tom paid tribute to the great Don Rickles, who died this week at the age of 90, by looking back at his incredible career on tv, in film and on the stage where he became a household name being funny, astonishingly quick and unapologetically politically incorrect.

But as the comedians and stars used Rickles passing to reminisce about being insulted by "Mr. Warmth", Tom told the story where he once got the upper hand on the funnyman after bumping in to him at a bar in New York City.

According to Tom, it all started shortly after Don Rickles wrapped up a taping with David Letterman ... and ended with the legendary comedian buying him Tom a drink and a run-in with Frank Sinatra! LISTEN ABOVE to hear the whole story!