General Jack Keane: President Trump Ordering Airstrikes In Syria Will Strengthen Our Hand Diplomatically With Russia & China

This frame grab from video provided by the Syrian official TV, a Syrian government channel that is consistent with independent AP reporting, shows the burned and damaged hangar warplanes which attacked by U.S. Tomahawk missiles, at the Shayrat Syrian government forces airbase, southeast of Homs, Syria, Friday April, 7, 2017. (Syrian government TV, via AP)

Audio clip:

Former Vice Chief of Staff of the US Army & Fox News Military General Jack Keane (Ret.) spoke with the John Gibson Show about the airstrikes ordered by President Trump in response to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's use of chemical weapons. General Keane believes President Trump's actions will strengthen our hand diplomatically with Russia and China and will go a long way in reassuring our allies that America is back leading on the world stage.