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by John Gibson

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Donald Trump makes them crazy. They can't stand him. What he says, what he looks like, what he is. Their hair bursts into flames at the sight of him or the mention of his name.

Liberals didn't like George W. Bush. In fact, they thought he was the spawn of the Devil himself with a dash of Hitler and Pol Pot thrown in for spicy flavor.

But I'd bet you could offer the liberals of this country a straight up trade for George W. Bush in exchange for Donald Trump and they would snap up the offer instantly.

Because they hate Trump with a passion that is beyond explanation.

I won't name them, but I have friends (actual friends) on Facebook who regularly--like daily, if not hourly--burst into Tourette's-like spasms of cursing and threats about Trump.

At first I thought they were just working out their disappointment for blowing a lay-up election, or what they thought was one. But the Trump storm has just continued, not merely unabated, but actually gathering strength.

Here is a tweet from a Canadian guy who was once the producer of my Fox television program, reacting to Fox host Jeanine Piro calling for Paul Ryan to step down:

"here's your president. here's the leader of the free world .. acting like a slow-witted five year old again. it's a given that he's going to spend his foul energy on taking paul ryan out. but mr dealmaker takes the surreal and cowardly way -- he sets up a hack fox news personality to do an on-air hit job on ryan, and then actually tweets his knuckle-dragging followers to watch the show. (and i'm sure they did.)"

His Facebook page goes on and on in that vein. But I can't move on without leaving you with one more from the same former Fox news producer: "why is he not in jail ? he couldn't do more damage if he filled the great lakes with plutonium."

Then there is a woman who is a good friend in real life, a woman who had a decades long career anchoring in local news and CNN, who has been moved to drop the curtain on her journalistic objectivity in her furious Facebook posts: "HHS secy Price is a complete ------. I'm trying not to swear. The trumpians are evil. I'm exhausted by the lot of these ------. I have no vocabulary or energy left for the complete -----show that is underway. Price wouldn't even give a congressional hearing the courtesy of a yes or no answer. They are all lying dangerous -------. I am so done with them all. #^**++#%**".

These are two examples of actual friends who have lost their minds. But there are millions more. Perhaps you know one or two.

But realize this: they are not just temporarily out of their gourds. These people are having a real effect.

Now we have reports that this fever, this emotional melt-down of the left when the subject is Donald Trump has Democrats in Washington, D.C. scared to death. In fact, a major network (not Fox) says Democrats in Congress are being pushed into a hard and fast "no" position on anything Trump by voters whose one and only issue for 2018 is "Did you oppose Trump enough?"

Capitol Hill Democrats want to work with Trump when it comes to infrastructure spending, for instance.

Democrats are heartened by the Health Care win over Trump, and figure they can now deal from a position of strength on a Democrat wish list with a President who needs Democrat help.

"Instead, progressives are continuing to demand total opposition to Trump," the media report says.

I have no doubt this is true. While professional politicians see an opening to score gains for their agenda by working with a President who has been stymied by his own party--the Freedom Caucus, in this case--the desire of the liberal grassroots to reject any stain of cooperation with Trump is an obstacle that is a glow in the dark warning for Democrats in 2018.

Libs are forever demanding the right wing "stop the hate".

When it comes to their own hate, however, the demand is not to stop it, but to stoke it.

Republicans bucking Trump on various points of disagreement should remember they are in a war against progressives and liberals and they should be mindful of the pitfalls of assisting their enemies.