Bristol Country Sherriff Thomas Hodgson on Sanctuary Cities: Arrest Sanctuary City Officials

Tip Off! A Massachusetts lawmaker posted an online warning to illegal immigrants about an upcoming Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) "raid" in the area. State Rep. Michelle DuBois (D) suggested in a since-deleted Facebook post that undocumented immigrants in Brockton "stay off the streets" and not answer if someone unexpected knocks on the door. She also included a phone number for anyone "picked up by ICE" to call to get legal services. DuBois said she received a tip-off about the "raid" from a friend in the Latino community. The post set off a firestorm of responses, but DuBois insists she did nothing wrong. "Passing information along that is already all over the community not only lets the people I represent know what is happening. It lets ICE know that everyone in Brockton is aware of their intended raid if there was one," DuBois said in a statement. Asked whether she thought the post could be construed as obstructing justice, she replied, "No, I don't."

So what should happen to these politicians?

John spoke to Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson who says sanctuary cities "have become magnets for illegal aliens, some of which have violent criminal records." "If these sanctuary cities are going to harbor and conceal criminal illegal aliens from ICE, which is in direct violation of Title 8 of the U.S. Code, federal arrest warrants should be issued for their elected officials," Hodgson said. "Our citizens would be safer if we never stopped enforcing immigration law and if we never formed or turned a blind eye toward sanctuary cities."