by John Gibson

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As far as I'm concerned, the most important thing said on Friday when President Trump and Republicans went down in flames was Paul Ryan announcing Obamacare "is the law of the land."

Democrats are giddy with delight, gloating, while Hillary celebrated in public. Just recently Obamacrats were high-fiving over the fact that even in the Trump/Ryan bill passed, it left carved in stone that the federal government had a domineering hand in the private insurance market. That's because Trump/Ryan left in place "guaranteed issue", a federal mandate that insurers must cover people who will lose money for the insurance company, i.e very sick people.

Democrats have been looking for ways to sling mud at President Trump with mud that will stick. Losing his first big legislative push was a godsend, much more effective than the pie-in-the-sky dreamboat scandal known as Russiagate.

In fact, Democrats now feel they have a chance again in 2018, when just the other day they seemed doomed to swimming upstream against the Trump flood.

President Trump is left holding the steaming and stinky bag of defeat, while his brain trust plans new executive orders, working with Democrats, and, according to the New York Times, scaled back ambitions on tax cuts.

The Freedom Caucus is getting the blame, of course. For confirmation you only have to look at the television and see Congressman Jim Jordan, the group's chairman, appearing wherever he can to justify the Freedom Caucus intransigence. Adding to the cloud of guilt hanging over Jordan's group: Texas Congressman Ted Poe quit the Freedom Caucus over its blockade. In his goodbye, he said "The president, Speaker Ryan, came to the Freedom Caucus and made some changes that we wanted several times," he said on "Fox & Friends." "But no matter what changes were made, the goal post kept getting moved and at the end of the day, 'no' was the answer. And sometimes you're going to have to say yes."

Blame too goes to Speaker Paul Ryan who should have known he did not have a bill that would move the Freedom Caucus off "no". Perhaps he didn't know they had a secret pact to always say no. But if he didn't, he should have. Nothing says the Speaker can't gather intel on his own Republicans.

And Donald Trump gets some blame for not understanding both the basics and the complexities of the government meddling with health insurance. If he had understood he would have seen that the Freedom Caucus would not be susceptible to horse trading and salesmanship, Art of The Deal style.

In the South Pacific in World War II a carrier commander would have expected Japanese Kamikaze attacks. What he would not have expected was suicide attacks by his own pilots on their own ship.

But that's what President Trump is facing, and for all his errors, and even for the hamhandedness of Speaker Ryan, when you realize that Obamacare is "the law of the land" you have to look those who voted "no" to understand why.

Now they say "let's get to work on a real repeal and replace."

Good luck ladies and gents.

I'm betting the once burned President Trump and his team will have little interest getting burned twice by trying to help out the people who dealt him such a humiliating loss.