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Should Republicans delay tomorrow health care vote?

GOP holdouts say Speaker Ryan doesn't have the votes to pass it. But the pundits say a delay could hurt the Donald Trumps's agenda and the his tax cut plan.

So, with clock ticking, why are so many Republicans still willing to risk the President's agenda (and his tax cut plan) by blocking the health care bill?

On Wednesday's show, one of those Republican hold outs, Freedom Caucus Congressman Dave Brat (VA), joined Tom to explain why so many 'conservative' and 'moderate' Republicans can't support the bill

Rep. Brat told Tom that bill doesn't do enough to get government out of health care and some of the promises being made by the White House and Speaker Ryan aren't enough to convince Republicans like him that a Democrat administration can't undo some of the changes they're making.

When asked if the vote will even be held on Thursday, as President Trump and Speaker Ryan have promised, Rep. Brat said, "I don't think so".