(AP Photo/Duane Burleson)

by John Gibson

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Let's never forget for a moment that the Left, and Democrats are endlessly galled by the sight of Donald Trump in the proximity of the Presidential Seal.

Like a dog chasing its tail, Democrats are twirling around in a blur, torn between competing Trump-Russian scandals.

Which will provide the great Trump score? Will it be Trump collusion with the Russians to "attack" the U.S. election? Please listen again to the House Intelligence Committee ranking member Adam Schiff's opening statement today--a rehash of his performance on Meet The Press-- at the hearing where FBI Director was expected to debunk President's Trump's twitter claim that former President Obama had Trump Tower hacked.

Schiff weaves together a wild tapestry of facts, suppositions, suspicions, hallucinations, and Mr. Toad's wild rides of imagination to raise from possibility to certainty that Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin carried off a coup against American democracy.

The right has long been accused of fantasizing about the efforts of the left to turn the United States into a socialist paradise, but Schiff blows away any competition in the field of fantasmagorical conjurings, whether from the political right wing, or the Area 51 enthusiasts, or the followers of the wild eyed loons claiming to have been taken and returned by extra terrestrials.

In a word, Schiff's opening statement is a definition of "deranged".

FBI Director James Comey has confirmed that Schiff's delirium is under investigation by his agency. However, he said he could not go into details of the investigation publicly, but assured the public his agency will brief lawmakers behind closed doors.

Expect leaks from Democrats. They have put a lot on the line with their claims President Trump was elected by Vladimir Putin and the former KGB.

Meanwhile, Democrats are also passionately in love with the idea that President Trump went off the rails accusing former President Obama of personally ordering wiretaps on Trump headquarters in New York City.

Over and over they have demanded FBI Director James Comey slap down Trump's claim.

Nobody who takes Trump's claim of having been surveilled seriously also takes seriously the notion that Obama personally sent black bag agents to break into the phone room at Trump Tower to put a bug on the phone lines.

However, because numerous reports have appeared in the media quoting surveillance intercepts it is clear President Trump and/or his associates were under surveillance by U.S. intelligence agencies. Whether the U.S. citizens were targets of the surveillance or merely happened to be overheard communicating with targets is unclear.

So is Trump right in his claim that Obama ordered wiretaps? If the claim is taken literally, the answer is likely "no". If the claim is taken figuratively, the answer is likely yes. It's called "incidental collection", when a U.S. person is recorded communicating with a targeted person.

Democrats insist the claim is to be taken literally. That's because President Trump would therefore be judged to be a purveyor of false claims.

For Democrats, the real question is which scandal is juicier, more likely to cause greater damage to the President?

As they bounce back and forth from the first "scandal" to the second, it is clear they just can't decide right now.

But what is also clear is that each is dependent on the other. If the election scandal peters out, then the President "lying" about former President Obama is more important.

If, on the other hand, it becomes clear that Trump associates were "unmasked" by politically motivated but shadowy and anonymous officials and that Trump's general claim of surveillance is true, then expect the Democrats to double down and focus laser-like on the notion that Trump enlisted Putin to help him steal the election.

Democrats fret. Which will lead to more damage to the President?

Run one way. Then run another way. Then run back.

Exhausting. Enervating. Draining.

Once Democrats have tempted their base with the possibility of such a delicious treat, it is imperative to deliver.

On something. Anything.