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by John Gibson

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Now that former Senator Dan Coates, Trump's nominee for Director of National Intelligence, has been confirmed by the Senate maybe we can get to the bottom of Surveillance Gate. Coates can shake some trees in the Intelligence Community and see what drops.

Put me down as "on the edge of my seat."

To those having a cow over Trump's quote unquote "evidence free" claim that "Obama wiretapped Trump Tower", do you not read the papers?

Last night President Trump told Tucker Carlson he knows his twitter charge is true because he read things, and saw a report on Bret Baier's show.

Evidently, the President reading the same stories we all read (such as) and coming to the same conclusion any sensible person would is not enough. According to the Left and CNN he's supposed to reveal spook level secrets to prove his charge is correct.

Well, then please 'splain to me why the House Intelligence Committee is asking the Inteligence Community who approved the "unmasking" of U.S. citizens in the release of electronic intercepts of the communications of Russian officials, for example, retired General Micheal Flynn in his conversations with the Russian ambassador to the U.S.

The term "unmasking" refers to the deviation from common practice in which the Intel Community refers to an American citizen as "American Citizen #1" and not the citizen's actual name when revealing intercepts of the conversations of foreign agents with Americans.

So far Trump adviser Carter Page has been unmasked, along with Jeff Sessions, and of course, Michael Flynn.

These are people who have been identified as Trump associates in conversations with Russians, the implication of the leaked information being that they were in cahoots with the Russians to take over the U.S. government by Manchurian candidate Donald Trump.

This is a slime job by Obama holdovers. They need to be unmasked themselves, and put on the griddle to determine if the former President, as Trump alleged, had a hand in the decision by U.S. Government types to wage a surveillance war on Donald Trump.

The heads of both the FBI and the NSA are set to testify before the House Intel Committee on Monday.

Watch them squirm. Somebody in their organizations is responsible for the leaking and the "unmasking". And they may even know who.

Prediction: it will be a Lois Lerner deal. Rogue personnel in some obscure office, operating on their own, with no knowledge of people farther up the chain of command.

And the Obama White House learned about it by reading the papers.

Haven't we heard that one a few times before?