How Much Is That Wolf-y In The Window?


What would you do if your family dog of 10 years was captured and held by Animal Control after jumping the fence, and there was nothing you could do to get him back? A family in Aurora, CO is facing this reality right now as their beloved pup sits in the Aurora Animal Control.

Last month Capone jumped the fence at the Abbato residence and ran away. Owner Tracy Abbato thought she'd be relieved when she heard Aurora Animal Control picked him up, but was horrified when she heard their response. City officials told her they couldn't give the dog back because they suspected it was a wolf-hybrid.

Now the Abbato family is in limbo waiting for DNA test results to see if Capone really is a wolf-hybrid, and if so the family dog could be put down. The family has hired a lawyer and is awaiting a court date to ask a judge if Capone can come home while they wait for the DNA test results, but it looks like it won't be for at least another week. Based on those test results, the dog could be placed in a wolf sanctuary, sent to another appropriate home, or even euthanized. Tracy Abbato also faces violations of animal running at large, keeping an aggressive animal and keeping an exotic/wild animal, despite only being told Capone was a German Shepherd mix when she adopted him from the Adams County Animal Shelter almost 10 years ago.

John Gibson believes Capone should absolutely not be returned to his owners if test results prove he is in fact part wolf, but Christine thinks that's absurd and the pup should be reunited with his furever family. What do you think? Tune in to the John Gibson Show at 2pm ET and call 1-888-788-9910 to tell John if you think Capone should be returned to his owner.