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Colin Kaepernick is now a free agent and lo and behold, he says he won't be protesting the National Anthem anymore.... (He must feel race relations have apparently improved , especially now that he is looking for a job.)

Anyways, does this mean the NFL's ratings will improve next year?

Many so-called experts partially blamed the NFL's recent ratings decline on the protests inspired by former San Francisco 49er. The controversy allegedly turned off a lot of viewers.

But unfortunately for the league, the QB's change of heart may not bring the relief they're looking for.

As The Orange County Register's Jonathan Lasner point's out, the NFL isn't the only pro league with a viewership problem. The NHL, the NBA and Major League baseball have all struggled lately, and in some cases, trying to create rules to make the game more interesting.

On Friday's show, Tom asked what wrong with sports ... and why do Americans seem to be losing interest?

LISTEN above as Tom runs through some of the stats and some of the probable causes.