by John Gibson

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When Ronald Reagan beat Jimmy Carter, Carter went back to Plains, Georgia, started building houses for Habitat for Humanity, and began his third act in life as a monitor of elections in places where balloting is suspect.

When Ronald Reagan was succeeded by his Vice President, George. H.W. Bush, he stayed out of the new President's grill. Of course, that would only be expected since they were of the same party, and Bush was nominally extending the Reagan years.

Then H.W. was succeeded by Bill Clinton, and not only kept his mouth shut, but became fast friends with the man who beat him.

Clinton's chance for Presidency extension was Al Gore. But Gore lost in a squeaker, and Clinton had to watch G.W. Bush take over, and do what he did. Bubba was not a big Bush supporter, but by and large he avoided the temptation to hector from the wings, and he did not interfere.

And G.W. Bush virtually disappeared for the Obama Presidency.. He painted self portraits and cats.

But now we're hearing that former President Obama intends to take just the opposite course from all previous Presidents.

First former Attorney General Eric Holder said yesterday that former President Obama "is ready to roll," and he'll be coming back soon.

Then a story in today's Daily Mail, which says the new Obama home in the Washington, D.C. area known as Kalorama will be the "nerve center" of an Obama led anti Trump campaign. The story says Valerie Jarret has moved in, and has urged the former President to go to war with President Trump because Trump is intent on dismantling Obama's legacy. Jarret argues Obama cannot let this happen.

So what are they aiming for? The story cites a source close to both who says the Obama objective is "resignation or impeachment" of President Trump.

Why do Obama and Holder and Jarret (and, no doubt, Michelle) think they are still entitled to run the world?

The word "narcissism" comes to mind. They do not accept the judgment of the country because they believe they actually did win the election by a margin of a few million votes from California, New York, and Massachusetts. They think they are smarter, more enlightened, and more elevated than Trump himself and his (racist, deplorable, wrong side of history) voters. They harbor a self righteousness that allows them to dismiss the result of the election, the message of which was that their time had passed.

It is not unusual that an opposition party would work to thwart or defeat the party in power. Tom Perez is leading the Democrat National Committee and it is his job to oppose Republicans. No surprise. No objection.

But the former President, his svengali adviser --one so close she actually moves in with the former First Couple--, and his former Attorney General actively working to take down the sitting President by either forcing a resignation or maneuvering events toward an impeachment--that seems to me is totally new.

And totally out of bounds.

Trump is President, for better or worse. He deserves a chance to do what he promised, the actions he put forward which got him elected. It is not the end of the world if a new President reverses the direction the previous President set for the country. It happens all the time.

What doesn't happen is an entitled former President, full of self regard, throwing his weight and his energies into voiding the result of the election of his replacement.

Barack Obama should ask Valerie Jarret to vacate the premises, but he won't. As long as she is the voice on his shoulder whispering 'legacy', he will find the call to organize Trump's demise irresistible.