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To many, it seems like Alan Colmes spent a lot of his legendary broadcasting career battling.

Whether it was on syndicated radio show or his time spent on FOX News, Alan, the proud liberal, was regularly debating conservatives. Many times, arguing "unpopular" views in places where he was outnumbered.

But as heated as things may have went, when the debate was over, there were no hard feelings. Alan and his opposition would usually shake hands and have a laugh.

On Thursday's show, Tom remembered his Fox News Radio colleague and friend Alan Colmes with Michael Harrison, who is the founder of Talkers Magazine and also knew Alan for nearly 50 years.

As Harrison pointed out, Alan spent his career "preaching against the choir", but was still always able to remain civil and polite.

During a time when families, friendships and a country are being divided over President Trump, Harrison says Alan should serve as a reminder that political divisions aren't excuse to be rude to those you disagree with. In fact, you can even have great friendships with those you have great disagreements with.

Alan did this for decades. So when news broke that Alan lost his battle with cancer -- to the people who knew him -- it wasn't a surprise when conservative after conservative came out and shared how much they would miss their friend.

Listen to Tom and Michael Harrison's conversation above.