(Saul Loeb/Pool Photo via AP)

by John Gibson

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It's kind of a movie, playing out on live tv every night, and on digital feeds, and on FB posts: The Obama Empire Strikes Back.

The scenes of Republican members of Congress under siege at town hall meetings all over the country have produced viral videos, fodder for left wing tv networks, and cheering coverage from the anti-Trump print/digital news media.

In other words, while President Trump is busy in the White House, his Republican Congressional majority is getting eaten alive back home.

Is it because the country is up in arms about Trump policies they voted for but now regret and want Congress to cancel out their terrible decision?

No. It's because there are a lot of angry Democrats who are still gobsmacked they lost an election they expected to be a layup. Especially stunned, of course, was former President Obama himself. And what is his reflexive reaction to losing?


In the case of the Republicans ambushed at their own town halls, it is worth asking, who exactly is it doing the organizing of these well coordinated protests?

Organizing for America. Ring a bell?

Once upon a time it was known as Obama For America, the street level campaign arm of the Obama Presidential campaign. After he was sworn in, the group changed its name ever so slightly and continued its work in grass roots organizing for the Obama/Left/Democrat agenda.

The involvement of former President Obama himself--personally--should be assumed, as detailed recently by author Paul Sperry.

The Sperry Theory is  this Left/Democrat uprising carries a link directly back to Obama himself, a wizard behind the curtain, operating through former aides from his perch in the new Obama Family compound in Washington, D.C., only a couple miles from the White House.

Makes perfect sense to me, in fact, hardly even news. But the closet Left wing phony fact checking site Snopes stepped up to knock the story down.

Included in this "fact check" is a knee slapping howler offered against the notion that Obama himself is directing the actions of Organizing for America:

Organizing for Action officials told us that Obama does not currently have any formal relationship with the group. Meantime the Obamas have reportedly decided to stay in Washington D.C. temporarily to allow their youngest daughter to finish high school. They made no mention of remaining near the White House to act as a shadow administration:

Snopes,  while gulping down flagons of gullibility soup, added:

The organization's executive director is Katie Hogan, and Obama's name is not listed on financial forms as an "officer, director, trustee or key employee."

Well, gee Mr. and Mrs. Snopes if the goal is to conceal the former President's war on Trump, why would he ever admit it?


Check out OFA's town hall disruption guide, deceptively dubbed Indivisible, and you'll see all is going almost precisely to plan, point by point as laid out in the guide: (when setting out to torment you member of Congresss), find out where the town hall is, pass the information to your group online, get there early with prepared questions, spread out in the room so your anger looks like consensus, stick to your prepped question, don't give up the mic, make viral video of your member of Congress under siege.

Oh, just another street organizing manual, the scoffers say. Who pays any attention to these? Well, big leftie Rachel Maddow called it "a how to guide for resisting Trump on a grass roots level" and that downloads of the protest manual, were ballooning.

Let's be real. 2+2 is still 4.

Organizing for America is an Obama front. Organizing for America is waging a protest war against Trump's Republican Congress.

Does it not follow that what we're watching is Obama's War on Trump?