With rain in the forecast for Northern California, all eyes still remain on the Oroville dam.

Last week, local officials called for a mandatory evacuation after it was revealed the dam's emergency spillway was badly damaged.

Now, just days after many residents returned to their homes, a new weather system has many folks in the Northern California area nervous.

With more rain in the forecast Monday night, Oroville Mayor Linda Dahlmeier joined Tom to give an update the dam's status.

As of Monday afternoon, the dam appeared to be holding and the water was below the flood stages, but Dahlmeier said locals who haven't evacuated were still understandably on edge.

The mayor, who visited the sight, told Tom she witnessed officials working on the damaged spillway and the incredible effort being made to help people safe. She also believes the crisis was a 'wake up call' for our country and why Americans need to get behind President Trump's plan to invest in our country's crumbling infrastructure.