Jolly: Conway ‘Needs To Find Other Work, Her Days Are Numbered’

Audio clip:

Tuesday on "The Alan Colmes Show," former Congressman David Jolly (R-FL) spoke with guest host Barry Weintraub about why he calls the current administration a "White House in crisis." Jolly, who did not support President Trump's candidacy while he was in Congress, explained why Republicans not having a replacement for Obamacare is "an embarrassment," what his next move could be in politics and why Kellyanne Conway's days with the Trump administration could be numbered:

JOLLY: Kellyanne Conway needs to find other work. WEINTRAUB: Why is she still working, she violated an ethics code. JOLLY: Obviously Trump is a loyal person, but I will tell you, every time she gets out on the White House lawn and says something inconsistent with Spicer and the rest of the administration, her days are numbered. This young guy Steve Miller, the 31-year old, I call him the sweaty kid on Sunday morning talk shows, he is totally unprepared.


JOLLY: I'm not here tonight to defend the fact that Republicans on Capitol Hill don't have a plan (to replace Obamacare). It's an embarrassment. They've had all this time, they should have been ready to go. This also speaks to the constant distraction coming from the White House. Listen, this is now a Republican Party that now controls everything, they should be running the table on the agenda, but instead they're doing nothing, they're going to lose their base over this because they are not delivering on their promise.