(AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

by John Gibson

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CNN's Jim Acosta, who famously got told off by President Donald Trump--"you are fake news"-- reported yesterday that the Trump White House is already looking for a replacement for Press Secretary Sean Spicer, because of his "rocky start."

If the report is true, it means a jury made up of Trump-haters in the press room and writers at Saturday Night Live have discovered the secret to inflicting pain on Donald Trump: embarrassment.

Politico reported that the White House was "rattled" by Melissa McCarthy's SNL skit on Spicer, in which she played Spicer as a unintentionally hilarious rage machine. The President, an unidentified donor told Politico, "doesn't like his people to look weak."

I guess that means if a cross dressing female comedian makes fun of your guy, and people laugh, the guy is weak. Or something.

There was a time when a President stuck to his Press Secretary even if the press, and Hollywood, and the glitterati hated him. Take Ron Ziegler, Nixon's guy, as a good example.

But the media has figured out that Trump just hates hates hates getting shown up or embarrassed. He fights back against stories that are true but he doesn't like. He lashes out against polls that don't show him winning. (Like anybody believes those thing anymore anyway.) He stews when the reporting about him doesn't pucker up with day-glo pink kissy lips. It's how he is, for better or worse.

The "better" part is when he plows ahead on his campaign promises even when the media tries to stir up opposition. The "worse" part is when he is so stung by howls from the press, or the audience for SNL laughing uproariously that he bails on his people.

It would be a terrible mistake for President Trump to ease out Sean Spicer because the 49 high priests of the DC reporting game who sit in the press room. It's just reality that they will  try to sizzle him over a flaming grill everyday. They do it because the occupant of the Oval Office is not Obama or Hillary, and because they take their role as the opposition very seriously. Therefore, it could be Sean Spicer, or Jesus himself at the podium, it wouldn't matter: snarling canines of the press room will bare their fangs. They will never resume the role of lapdogs until Trump is gone and Obama's correct replacement has returned. It's just the way it is.

Not to say Trump wouldn't get momentary relief. The pressies aren't stupid. They know that if they manage to run one Press Secretary out they will have to be nice to the next one for a while, so as to avoid being accused of just playing games on the new President.

But it won't last long.

President Trump will be better served showing confidence and loyalty to his Press Secretary to show those who want to bring him down that it's not going to work, so just quit it.