Bill Boggs: ‘Everybody In The World Wants To Write Their Own Memoir’

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On Friday's "The Alan Colmes Show", a legend of New York television, Bill Boggs joined Alan to talk about his remarkable career. Boggs shared stories that only he would know. From meeting Frank Sinatra at 4 AM to not knowing that a guest of his couldn't speak English, Boggs' career is definitely one for the books. And in his own words, "everybody in the world wants to write their own memoir".

In regards to the current state of television, Boggs credits MTV for the shorter attention spans of viewers today. With current society being made up of egotistical people, Boggs brought Alan back to the good old days by saying that when he met Frank Sinatra, he was a true fan, and his instinct "was not to ask for anything". When asked about where he sees television going in the future, Boggs said that "as long as there are creative people, there will always be new things".