Jared Taylor: “The Notion That All Men Are Created Equal Is Nonsense”

Audio clip:

On Monday night's "The Alan Colmes Show", white nationalist and alt-right movement supporter Jared Taylor spoke with Alan about the movement and its ideologies. Stating that neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump know much about the alt-right movement, Taylor did in fact throw his support behind Donald Trump for president, since he is "vastly superior" to Hillary Clinton.

Firmly stating that he prefers a "homogeneous white environment", Taylor believes that stereotypes reflect reality. In his own words, "black and white cultures are not interchangeable". Taylor also believes that there should be a religious test to get into this country, "especially for Muslims". He is also a firm believer that not all men are actually created equally, and calls that notion "nonsense". In regards to the current state of the country, Taylor believes that "we only have a black president now because of immigration policies".