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The 2016 campaign season has had its share of funny, divisive and sometimeS just flat-out UGLY moments, but FOX News' Bret Baier says he still has no problem calling the race down the middle.  And for those who question that, the anchor says he has a simple retort: watch us.

Hours before the polls closed, Fox News chief political anchor Bret Baier previewed the New York primary and discussed this tumultuous political season on The Tom Sullivan Show.

When asked about the "FOX HATERS" who routinely attack the network and accuse it of being biased, Baier said he is no longer bothered by the network's critics. And when he is challenged, he simply dares the "haters" to watch for three days. Baier says they're turned and wind up admitting that the reporting on his show Special Report and the news reporting on Fox News is "fair and balanced".

Baier also weighed in on the ongoing fight over the 'arcane' delegate rules and why he thinks both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are resonating so much despite their unorthodox political views.