Turner: Clinton’s ‘Super-Predators’ Comments ‘Further Exacerbates…People Plagued by Stereotypes’

Wednesday on "The Alan Colmes Show," Alan spoke with former Ohio State Senator Nina Turner, who has been one of the most vocal members of the Bernie Sanders campaign.

Turner, who was heading to the massive rally for Sen. Sanders being held in New York's Washington Square Park and was later thanked on stage by Sanders, described how their campaign went from having seemingly no chance, to becoming a nationwide movement. They also discussed what the path to the White House is for Sen. Sanders, and Turner addressed the controversy over the 1996 "super-predators" comment made by Hillary Clinton:

TURNER: We know that racism still exists in this country, and when you further exacerbate comments like that upon a group of people who are already plagued with stereotypes, it really hurts. So that's the reality in this country that all of us, that doesn't just fall at the feet of Secretary Clinton. Now, that comment does, but in terms of what our nation must do to recognize that racism is very much alive, as painful as it may be, and that we have to be careful about the words that we use, and when you over exaggerate, especially for people of color, you continue to build up in the minds of people who already are prone to think that way about other African-Americans or other people of color.