Dr. David Duke: Trump Is ‘Not Saying He Doesn’t Know Who I Am’

Monday on "The Alan Colmes Show," Alan had an exclusive hour with former Louisiana House of Representative Member and former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan Dr. David Duke, whose support for Donald Trump for president has caused many people inside and outside of politics to demand the Republican front runner to disassociate himself from anyone who would be considered a "white supremacist."

During the interview, Dr. Duke reacted to the White House's comments about his support, why he is not endorsing Trump even though he is encouraging others to vote for him, and what he would say to Trump if he were ever in the same room with him:

COLMES: You say you're not endorsing Donald Trump, but you say people should vote for him, and you will. How's that not an endorsement?

DUKE: Well, that's a good question and I make a distinction there. When you say you endorse someone you're basically endorsing the person and basically people get the impression you're endorsing everything about them. I think that voting sometimes is not a question of endorsing someone, but sometimes you vote strategically. I've instructed my friends, the people - I didn't go to the media about this, I didn't make a media issue out about this. A very biased media tried to make an issue, and we're talking about how they're really smearing Donald Trump unfairly and with a lot of deception by the major media.


COLMES: What's your reaction to the White House's statement about you?

DUKE: In the first place, I didn't even endorse Donald Trump, I'm going to vote for him. How in the world did they get to a situation where we're concerned about him supporting a candidate - you have people of all sorts of issues - the issue is, if they want to talk about me, I'm presented as a white supremacist all the time. You've been interviewing me for years. You know that I've never embraced that term. In fact I condemn - in fact in my work, in my website, in thousands of interviews, to my own people, to European-Americans, by the way - I have a concern about the well-being European-Americans in this country.


COLMES: Do you call yourself a white nationalist?

DUKE: I don't even call myself that. Do you know what I call myself is a human rights activist. I believe human rights must be accorded to all people, all heritages and all nations. I believe that European-Americans - I think that the government of our country is embarked on a purposeful program to destroy the European people in American by making us a tiny minority in the nation that our forefathers created. Our people created and wrote the Constitution of the United States, made the great Revolution against the British Empire which gave us the nation our foundation, our culture, our great technological achievements, our educational achievements, and we are being - there's a racism going on because the government is purposely embarked on a program by allowing this immigration and discriminating, by the way, in the way they do the immigration structure that's intended to make us a minority.

***** COLMES: Donald Trump said he didn't know who you were two days ago.

DUKE: Let me ask you a question. These people always pick these minor little facts, OK? What he said was, in the last interview that the big thing - you know - he said, "I don't know him. I've never met him." When somebody says he doesn't know him, I've never - he's not saying he doesn't know who I am - and again you're in a conversation where you're being attacked by the thing - to say he didn't know me doesn't mean he didn't know who I was. Also, I don't know if he ever studied me, my writings or what I've actually said.


DUKE: It's not anti-Semitic for the American people to want a government in the interest of the majority of the American people not the Jewish establishment. And there are some Jews that oppose this and I honor them. So I don't think I'm anti-Semitic because I don't hate every Jew. In fact, I really admire the Jews who've stood up against Jewish racism, Jewish tribalists.


COLMES: What would you say to Donald Trump if you had a chance to speak to him?

DUKE: Well, I would say Donald Trump we hope you keep all your promises. You've spoken like no other candidate in recent history. The Jewish establishment hates you with a passion, we can see that. Look, not only did the New York Times -- The Daily Post show him as the devil, they showed Christie, who endorsed him, and put a picture of him with hooded Klansmen on there saying that the Klansman, you know? Unbelievable. They've gone nuts. They've gone absolutely crazy. The media in this country is dominated, and they don't want Donald Trump because they're afraid that he's going to be an independent man that might put America first, and not just have to take their orders. That's why -- it's one of the reasons I think -- and, however, you know? And, this is a guy who even gives lip service to Israel, and has got, you know, Jews in his family, you know?