Burt Reynolds: On ‘Star Wars’ & Why ‘We’d Be At War Quickly’ If Donald Trump Wins

Tuesday on "The Alan Colmes Show," Alan spoke with film legend Burt Reynolds about his new book about his life, But Enough About Me. In the book, Burt shares candid memories about all the famous names he encountered during his career, including his relationships with Sally Field and Loni Anderson.

During the interview, Reynolds told Alan about why he thought Joan Rivers was "a jerk," why passing on Star Wars is one of his biggest regrets, his thoughts on Donald Trump, and why Hillary Clinton shouldn't be president (and who he thinks should!):

COLMES: You had a few issues with (Joan Rivers) too, right?

REYNOLDS: Yes I did, mostly it was about Johnny and I thought she was really a jerk because he helped her so much and actually let her host the show and then turned on him really.

***** COLMES: What do you think of (Donald Trump) as a presidential candidate?

REYNOLDS: I like Donald, I like him as a person. When I see him he's already very gracious, and happy it seems to see me and I'm happy to see him, but I think we'd be at war very quickly with Donald.

***** COLMES: Do you like Hillary Clinton? Do you think she has a good shot at it?

REYNOLDS: I like Hillary, but I don't think she should be president.

COLMES: Why's that?

REYNOLDS: I know her real well. I've taken her to a couple of events. We like each other, I think she likes me. I know I like her, but being president is something else. But for whatever reason I don't want to get into right now, I don't think she would be a good president.

***** REYNOLDS: I think Clint would be a great president, Clint Eastwood

COLMES: We're probably beyond his political career at this point right?

REYNOLDS: Nothing's beyond Clint. He surprises everybody. Everything he's been president of he's done really, really well and functioned great.