Author & Businessman Michael Pento on GOP Debate: Donald Trump is Not the Answer to Fixing Bad Economy.

Bleep Show! Texas Sen. Ted Cruz rocked an already feisty Republican presidential debate Wednesday night by accusing the moderators of trying to put on a "cage match," putting the questioners on their heels with criticism echoed by several other candidates on stage. The debate in Boulder, Colo., featured plenty of sparring among the candidates, but Cruz' challenge seemed to change the dynamic early on. Getting a strong reaction from the crowd -- and from others beyond the debate -- Cruz scolded the moderators for their questions, which included one to Donald Trump asking if he's running a "comic book" campaign.

President and Founder of PentoPortfolio Strategie, Michael Pento told Gibson that CNBC should have allotted more time for questions about the Fed, currency wars, what is their view on a strong dollar, how to fix falling real median wages, and how they would avoid another financial crisis. After all, it is a business network.

Listen to him explain his article: The Fed's next move... Negative interest rates.