Webb: Be Careful Of How Many Syrian Refugees We Bring Here

Monday on "The Alan Colmes Show," Alan spoke with Democratic candidate for President and former Senator Jim Webb about his road to the nomination and eventually the White House. Sen. Webb also discussed what to do about Russia, how many Syrian refugees should be allowed into the United States and the controversy over Hillary Clinton's emails:

WEBB: When you look at the Republican field, and how so many people are gravitating towards people who are they view as sort of anti-establishment right now. They're looking for a fresh approach and also people who understand how to lead.

COLMES: Are you the anti-establishment candidate for the Democratic party?

WEBB: Bernie probably is and I've known him for a long time and I like him a lot, he's a good friend. I think what we are, what we represent here is common sense and an ability to grab a hold of really tough issues like I did with criminal justice reform, like I did with the G.I. Bill. We put the best G.I. Bill in history through a very divided Congress, did it in 16 months as a brand new Senator. We can actually get things done, we can work across the aisle and we can do it in a way that takes on the hard issues that the country is facing right now.


WEBB: The mistake that I believe we made in Syria and some of these other places in the Arab Spring is to be drawing some of these red lines that were unenforceable in reality.

COLMES: So when the President said there was going to be a red line, that was a mistake. Is there anything that we should be doing now?

WEBB: I'll tell you what we shouldn't be doing is putting troops on the ground over there and I warned about it beforehand and I was saying Syria is going to be Lebanon on steroids. When I was a journalist in Beirut, you could see the divisions, the historic, thousands of year old divisions in that are in that part of the world. So we should be calling on particularly the Sunni nations in that region to step up and to do more, and also on the refugees situation in Syria, to do more. They're not doing more, they're simply trying to drop this on us and I think it's appropriate for the President today to have said that he will work with the Russians in an attempt to stabilize the situation.


COLMES: Do you believe we should take more refugees in? They say 10,000, is what the White House is saying, should we take more?

WEBB: I think the Saudis should take more. I think people in the region should step up to try to stabilize Syria. And we should be very careful about bringing a large number of refugees here. I say that as someone, my wife is an immigrant and a refugee from the Communist takeover of South Vietnam. We have a large problem in our country right now in terms of resolving the immigration issue. So for those who are truly political refugees in some way affiliated with what we've been doing, we should consider that.


COLMES: Does Hillary Clinton have an email problem and could she find herself out of the race because of whatever issues she might be facing?

WEBB: You know I really don't follow that as closely as you probably do, and that's something I would leave for her to explain.

COLMES: Do you see though there is a pathway for you to get the nomination?

WEBB: I think the pathway for us to get the nomination is when the hysteria dies down and all the verbal bombs that are being thrown back and forth, people are going to want to see, they will be able to elect a leader who has a track record and who has the vision to bring the country forward. And if you've looked at what we've done, that's what we're going to be offering and it'll be up to the voters. As you said we are out-funded and well down in the polls, but this is the year where things can change.