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Last week, co-host of "The Today show" and iconic TV weatherman Al Roker sat down with FOX News Radio's Tom Sullivan to discuss his new book, "Storm Of The Century".


The veteran broadcaster also discussed a wide range of issues including his time at "Today", his personal life and even the "third rail" issue of climate change.

Discussing President Obama's recent trip to Alaska, Tom asked Roker if he gets involved in the "politics" of climate change.

Roker told Tom why he's very concerned about climate change and how humans are impacting the Earth's temperature. The meteorologist also told Tom that some of the early mislabeling of the problem, for example calling it 'global warming', has added to some of the politicization of the issue.

Tom, who is skeptical of some of the claims the Left makes about climate change, challenged Roker and the two discussed why so many on the right doubt the data being used by the White House and other advocates of the green movement,

LISTEN Below as Tom and Al Roker discuss the climate change debate and whether there's a way to find 'common ground' on the issue and if "adapting" is possible:

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