Gov. Kasich: Becoming President ‘Could Be Very Doable’

Thursday on "The Alan Colmes Show," Alan spoke with Ohio Governor John Kasich, who has been mentioned as a possible contender for the Republican nomination for President in 2016.  Gov. Kaisch talked to Alan about how close he is to making the decision, his take on others in the GOP field and his party, and where he stands on issues like immigration and ISIS.


GOV. KASICH: The Republican party is my vehicle and not my master.  And my job is to solve problems, and if that involves stepping on some of the toes of people in my own party, that's life. That's OK. Not bitterness there either. You just got to do your job and I've just always been that way, because if you're into serving a particular ideology or a certain political party then you may not be achieving the things to improve people's lives.


COLMES: You are very clearly in the mode of getting ready to announce, correct?

GOV. KASICH: There's a process you go through, which I don't want to do it for the sake of just doing it. If I don't think if I could win, have the resources or the organization,  there'd be no point.  But I'm extremely optimistic about from a resource point of view, and an organizational point of view,  this could be very doable.


COLMES: Let me ask you about the DREAM Act. Would you continue with what the President's done in terms of keeping families together and allowing those who are already in the country to have a pathway to citizenship?

GOV. KASICH: We don't want to break up families that's for sure, and on immigration what I've said is, first of all Alan, we've got to protect the border, even in your own home, you can't have people just coming in and out, not knowing who they are. If these folks have broken the law, then they need to be dealt with severely or deported, but if they've been honest, I'm not for shipping them out of the country. I am for them having pay some penalty for ditching the line. In terms of the path to citizenship, I'm not keen on that.


COLMES: Do you want ground troops overseas in Iraq?

GOV. KASICH: I would suggest we put a coalition together, I certainly wouldn't want to go alone. And I think we need to deal with ISIS now, and either you're going to pay me now, or you're going to pay me a lot more later. I'm not a person who believes we ought to be the policeman of the world, not do I think we can be in a position where we're going to convert everybody to our way of life. Take care of our problems, and then come home.

COLMES: You think the President's not been strong enough in doing those things?

GOV. KASICH: No, I don't think he's been strong enough in a variety of ways.