Rand Paul on Mitt in 2016: If Romney Runs To The Right of Jeb Bush, He Will Still Be To The Left Of The Republican Party.

Rand Paul

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On Sunday's broadcast of ABC's This Week Democratic strategist and Clinton confidant James Carville predicted not only will Mitt Romney enter the presidential race, but that he will campaign as the "conservative alternative" to Jeb Bush. John Gibson asked Senator Rand Paul what he thought about it. The Senator laughs while responding " if Mitt runs to the right of Jeb Bush he will still be to the left of the party, and that would a difficult spot to be in" Take a listen (about 4 minutes in)

Senator Paul also spoke about Keystone, telling Gibson he believes President Obama should get behind what he calls a real shovel ready project that has true bi-partisan support. Rand said a veto by President Obama will hurt the democrat party.

Plus: Paul talks about the rift between NYC Mayor de Blasio and the NYPD, the war on terror and the Paris Unity Rally.

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Update: Listen to Karl Rove react to Sen. Paul on Kilmeade and Friends