Jon Huntsman Sr.: It’s Bad The Tea Party Has Hijacked The GOP

Wednesday on "The Alan Colmes Show," Alan had an in-studio interview with Jon Huntsman Sr., billionaire entrepreneur and author of Barefoot to Billionaire: Reflections on a Life's Work and a Promise to Cure Cancer.

Huntsman Sr. told Alan what happened to Jon Huntsman Jr.'s run for the Presidency and if he plans to run again, why Huntsman Sr. donates to both Democrats and Republicans, and why he feels that the right-wing has completely taken over the Republican party. And does he think that Democrats care more about fighting cancer than Republicans? Check out the highlights below:

********** COLMES: Your son, Jon Jr., as I was telling you off the air, was one of the saner Republicans running for President and liked by a lot of people on my side of the plate. HUNTSMAN SR.: Well you know when he ran for governor the 2nd time, Governor of Utah, he pulled in almost 80% of the Democratic vote and about 84% of the Republican and he was #1 in job creation and #1 with the flat tax. He was a conservative. You know Alan, we have to get along, we have to work, we have to communicate. I spent several years with the Nixon administration, and one of the things I did respect about President Nixon was we did communicate, we did have relations with both parties and it's very essential we continue to do that. And in America today, unfortunately, the right wing has been totally commandeered by the Tea party and it's a bad thing for our party.

********** COLMES: Do you think that Jon Jr. would like to run again for President? HUNTSMAN SR.: Well, I think he probably would like to run again. I don't think he ever will. I think the Republican party has been hijacked over to the right so far. COLMES: Maybe it takes someone like him to take it back? HUNTSMAN SR. : We you know, I think that 2020 could be an interesting year for the Republicans because after so many losses and so many heartaches by these folks who have completely captivated the party, they may have 10, or 15 or 20 percent of the vote but they're never going to win much.

********** HUNTSMAN SR.: I'm the only one in America who belongs to the "Cure Cancer" party, so if you give money to cancer, like Harry Reid and Max Baucus, some of these guys really helped us raise big money for cancer, I give them big money for their reelections. And I told Orrin Hatch, and a number of Senators, "Listen you help me with cancer, I'll help you with our reelection," but I'm a one issue man and I love to see our political leaders help us with things like cancer and very few right wing people do that. COLMES: I didn't know that fighting cancer was a left wing mission, and it would really fall on one side of the plate or the other. HUNTSMAN SR.: I think you would be surprised Alan, as I know most of the Senators, I go back and forth and we don't get much money anymore from the government, most of it's private funding or family funding, but I found Democrats much more sensitive to the needs of the downtrodden and particularly those with cancer.