Gov. Jesse Ventura On Gov. Sarah Palin’s Comments: “Coming From A Quitter, Do You Really Think I’m Concerned?”

Cable news channel MSNBC has been in talks with Minnesota's independent governor Jesse Ventura about..Tuesday on "The Alan Colmes Show," former Gov. Jesse Ventura talked to Alan about a variety of topics including what he think about race relations in Ferguson, MO, the militarization of police forces, and some of the tactics used to deal with the protestors in Ferguson.

He also spoke at length about the criticisms he received from former Gov. Sarah Palin after his defamation lawsuit involving the family of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, and how he felt he was perceived as a "villain" as a result:

VENTURA: I see the bottom line of this is racism...We still have a racism problem. It's both black against white and white against black.


VENTURA: You know what I find interesting, Alan? Get this. All the nations of the world have agreed they would not use tear gas against each other in war but we use tear gas on our own people. COLMES: Yes we do. VENTURA: Now how the Hell, excuse my French, did we allow that? We won't use it in war, national across the world agreed. Tear gas is illegal in war and yet we use it on our own people domestically, it's shameful.


COLMES: Tell me about your war of words between you and Sarah Palin. What is going on there? VENTURA: There are no war of words, what do you mean war of words, I could care less about her. I don't watch any of that stuff. So if there's a war of words I don't know about it. COLMES: She called you, uh, I hate to even say the words, well you know what she said, right? VENTURA:  No, what did she say? COLMES: "Hey tough guy Jesse Ventura, your feeling were hurt because you perceived that your reputation was besmirched by words in a book." She called you a jackass. VENTURA: That coming from a quitter. Do you really think I'm concerned? You know somebody who promised the people of Alaska that she wanted to be their Governor and then decided to quit before her term was done so she could get fame and fortune and money? And I'm going to be concerned about someone who has done that?


COLMES: So where has the media been wrong on (the lawsuit)? VENTURA: Where have they been wrong? They've been wrong saying I went after a widow and the children. COLMES: Right. VENTURA That is completely wrong and a lie. Everything is paid for by insurance, she'll pay for nothing. It was me against a big corporate insurance company. And yet the mainstream media's portrayed me as a villain. I sought the truth.

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