Hillary ClintonDear Hillary,

I have been trying to be rich for all of my life. Frankly, I haven't been very good at it. True, I had a job for a while anchoring cable network television and it paid well. And true, I managed to build a house and own a property (along with the bank) that could be worth somewhere north of a million...but sad to say I have also made laughable investments, and many of those television dollars have vanished into a hole somewhere.

Deep sigh. Call it a life of missed opportunities.

But now I'm confused. I used to think amassing a few millions in earnings and investments and savings made a person rich. That appears to be not a relevant measure anymore. Because I see you and your husband have piled up earnings north of 100 millions, and you tell us you are not "truly well off."

So what does it take nowadays to be rich, to be "truly well off?"

Oh yes, I know there are people who have much much more money than you. But there is always somebody with more money than anybody. It's an almost impossible goal to have more than anybody else. Obviously, here and there, somebody manages to accomplish that goal (Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and assorted nobody hedgefund managers), but let me assure you that out here in the flyover states we think 100 million give or take a few million is "well off".

In fact, most people think 100 million plus a few under a couch cushion is, well, "plenty."

So, let me suggest that if you are measuring your financial success in tens of millions, the discussion is over. You are well off. Very. Totally.

And I might add, it doesn't help that your daughter recently blurted out that she tried, but found she couldn't get interested in making money. Not when she lives in an $11 million apartment in mid-town Manhattan, not when she's married to a millionaire hedge fund manager, not when she was paid $600 thousand a year by NBC News to do essentially nothing. (Chelsea did a few not-very-good reports for the Today show. Wags have calculated she was paid approximately $26,000 per minute of airtime.)

This is the second time you, Hillary, have appeared to be totally clueless when it comes to money. Americans heard you claim to be "dead broke" when she and hubby Bill left the White House. True, you had millions in debt (lawyers who worked on Bill's impeachment), but you also got millions for a book, as did he, and Bill immediately launched a speaking career that promised millions right out of the gate. That "dead broke" business didn't go over well with the public, and your attempt to clean it up by saying you realized that you and Bill were very fortunate indeed didn't really erase the damage.

Now this business about not being "truly well off" while sitting on tens of millions. Sheesh. Can you hear the ordinary American out there letting out a gasp of disbelief? I can.

So if people are starting to ask "Can this woman survive a presidential campaign?" don't be surprised.

Bill is probably pulling his hair out. You appear to be your own worst enemy.

If you were doing all this on purpose, trying out strategies to explain your wealth, fire your advisors. A team of the disconnected and out of touch is not going to help.

If, on the other hand, these were just speaking carelessly, egad, that's even worse.

You might want to rethink this presidential thing.

Just sayin'.


John Gibson