Hillary Clinton’s Health Will Be A Factor In 2016—-Top Of The Stack 05.14.14



1) Hillary Clinton Health Concerns: Karl Rove Suggests Hillary Clinton May Have Brain Damage

Hillary Clinton glasses 2

2) Economy/Mortgage Rules/Housing

3) Privacy: Major Google Ruling in Europe.Europe's highest court gave people the means to scrub their reputations online, a ruling that experts say could force Google and other search engines to delete references to old debts, long-ago arrests...

4) President Obama Wants Less Red Tape for Infrastructure Projects. President Barack Obama is heading to a crumbling bridge outside New York City to try to pressure Congress into giving the nation's infrastructure an infusion of cash.


700,000 Jobs at Risk If Highway Trust Fund Falters

  • Obama administration warned that failure to avert a threatened bankruptcy of the federal Highway Trust Fund this summer could mean the delay of about 112,000 roadway projects and 5,600 transit projects