The @Gibsonradio Daily Prep Sheet for 3/28/14



Plane update: new information shifts the search area


Malaysia Air says there''s sealed evidence that cannot be revealed


Former Ukraine leader says Russia wants more


Putin has tanks, U.S. counters with selfies


Condi says Obama created vacuum that let Putin slide in


Condi revives presidential talk


Ukraine says 100k Russian troops on the border


Obama says Putin is misreading Obama foreign policy, doesn't understand how tough it is



NYT says Obama's Brussels speech sucked


Pope and president meet, evidently have two very different conversations


Who ya gonna believe? Pope or guy who promised you could keep your plan



His holiness Obama doesn't make fortune's list of most influential people



President wowed by Coliseum in Rome, evidently never heard of it before


Obamacare signups: 4.5 mil old and sick. 1.5 mil young and healthy. Bad ratio


Obamacare: they sign up, but they hate it. approval at new low


Obamacare: doctor writes to congressman to charge DC waging war on doctors



Obamacare doesnt matter to voters anymore says Harry Reid



Obamacare varies widely state to state


Latino pressure works, Obama administration to cut what's left of deportation policy


Biden declares illegals are already citizens


Pelosi claims more important to get immigration reform than democrats win the house


Democrat  Yee was not only gun runner but was openly asking for cash in exchange for legislation


California democrats worried voters will think they're all like Yee... after all he's the third democrat senator to wind up in jail


Why Texas works



IRS investigation: lawmakers told it will take years, so relax



Further evidence college jocks should just be pro, as they are not students


Snoozing security guards keeping new WTC bldg safe.


Don't check bags for flights because handlers are stealing anything they can,0,7070575.story#axzz2xFxgY0GB


L.A. gas: $4 gal,0,6335179.story#axzz2xFxgY0GB


Oh BTW: appeals court oks Texas abortion law