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russian troops


Just making Excuses? Nearly 100,000 Russian forces have massed on Ukraine's border, a top Ukrainian defense official told an American audience Thursday, giving a number far higher than US military estimates. Obama explains this as Putin just misreading Western interests. Gibson shakes his head.


Dancing in the Streets! More than 6 million people have signed up on the new insurance exchanges, and enrollment is surging with four days to go before the Obamacare signup deadline. President Barack Obama broke the news Thursday on a call from Italy with thousands of activists and volunteers who have been helping people sign up across the country. Gibson asks Senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute for Policy research and the author of the Forbes blog The Apothecary, Avik Roy if it's time to celebrate.


Can He Rebound? An investigation launched by Gov. Chris Christie into shutting down lanes to the George Washington Bridge last September cleared the governor, but it widened the circle of Christie allies involved in the politically inspired traffic scandal. Washington Post Blogger, Jennifer Rubin wonders if America is ready for the comeback story to begin.


Plus: FBN Host Maria Bartiroma previews her new FNC show "Sunday Morning Futures," & Hip Hop Week In Review.