Obamacare is here to Stay! John speaks with Dr. Ezeke Emanuel at 12:05pmET


The Good Doctor? Whether we like it or not the ACA is here to stay. Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, former senior health adviser to President Obama & the architect of Obamacare says you should be happy about that. He joins the show.

Good Analysis! Much has been said of the contrast in leadership styles between Vladimir Putin and President Obama, with conservatives calling the president weak and timid by comparison. Fox News Strategic Analyst Ralph Peters says "Vladimir Putin is playing Game of Thrones and we're playing Downton Abbey." The Colonel explains.

M-I-C See me bite your face off... Mickey, a dog that mauled a 4-year-old Phoenix boy has received thousands of pleas for mercy through a Facebook campaign ahead of a court hearing to decide his fate. Should this dog be put down? Are these dog defenders crazy? Gibson takes it to his callers.

Too BIG for the Big House? Facing five years in prison after being convicted for his role in a real estate scam, a Florida man says he's too fat to be incarcerated. James Olivos told an Orlando TV station that he couldn't serve hard time because he wouldn't get the proper treatment for his obesity if he was behind bars. Gibson isn't buying it.

Plus: Jake Gibson with the latest on missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370