The @Gibsonradio Daily Prep Sheet for 02/14/14


Winter's cold punch and Obama's war on coal. bad timing.

Romney whacks Obama

Obamacare's Potemkin enrollments

Welfare in America: $1tril and going up fast

The debt ceiling vote: Corker says Cruz opposed simply to goose fundraising for his pac

Obamacare: 20% have not paid

Washington post blasts Obama for sending hack fundraisers overseas as ambassadors

Senator McCain agrees'clueless'-'ignorant'-ambassadors/

Politico outlines Hillary's to-do list

Washington Free Beacon crows about Hillary papers and Hillary cheerleaders trying to prove they are a nothing burger

Unions: VW plant in Tenn. to decide future of unions in the south

Unions: UAW attempt to take over VW plant in teen.

John Podesta wheels and deals in the background

OJ Simpson wants to die... hunger strike is on

Are you he or she? Facebook says there are 48 other choices

Wow: 9th circuit in California ok's carrying a handgun outside the home as a second amendment right

"it's a beautiful day outside": the DeBlasio team slammed for storm performance

Hillary authors says Obamacare will be big issue to brag on

Hillary papers from NRO

Donald Trump's fake campaigns come to an end because nobody believes him anymore

Wall Street Journal says Ted Cruz on mission: let's get the American public to hate the GOP

Swedes rethink letting their kids get away with murder because it has produced so many rotten, disgusting kids

Wendy Davis accused of betrayal

Belgium approves euthanasia for children

Going for the gold! Olympics athletes banging each other like crazy in that walled off village

California drought: Obama sends farmers cash instead of water

Those at the IRS, chapter umpteen