No Strings Attached!

Congress Debt Showdown

No Strings Attached! The House voted Tuesday to raise the government's borrowing limit, as GOP leaders backed down from a potential confrontation with Democrats by declining to seek any concessions in exchange for the increase. Does this do a disservice to the American people? Michael Needham, Chief Executive Officer for Heritage Action for America says yes! He explains.

Stay Or Go? Part of the ACA includes risk corridors that protect insurance companies from taking too big of a financial hit. Senator Rubio would like to put a stop to this calling it a "taxpayer bailout". Gibson is confused, Yevgeniy Feyman, fellow at the Manhattan Institute, will help him sort it out.

Plus: Vindicated? Gibson wonders if Obama delaying the ACA's employer mandate prove that the Conservatives were right all along? He will ask Pete Wehner, write for Commentary Magazine.