Quick Fix for NSA?

(AP Photo)
(AP Photo)

Quick Fix? Will Obama's revamp of the NSA do the trick? According to the Washington Post this morning, "US officials directed by President Obama to find a way to end the government's role in gathering Americans' phone records are deeply concerned that there may be no feasible way to accomplish the task soon". John asks senior judicial analyst for Fox News Channel and the man who married a few of the people on this show, Judge Napolitano.

Filibuster Fibber? Wendy Davis, the Democratic state senator running for governor of Texas, swung back Monday at swirling questions about her personal life after a newspaper report suggested there were inconsistencies in the biography. Gibson sorts through.

Taking Oath Under Fire! New Jersey's Governor Chris Christie faced some huge storms, literally and figuratively, on the first day of his second term with scandal upon scandal surfacing and now a top conservative Republican in Virginia saying he should abandon a key GOP post. Gibson has some advice for the big guy!

Plus: Brit Hume weighs in on Obama's New Yorker profile & Ed Mechman who writes the "Stepping Out of the Boat" blog for the Archdiocese of New York questions Andrew Cuomo.