What’s The Real Story?

Benghazi 2

What's the story? A New York Times report over the weekend concludes that Al Qaeda had no involvement in the 9/11 Benghazi attacks that killed four including Ambassador Stevens. However, the Times report also reports that the Government's version of how the attacks went down, focusing on the inflammatory video that sparked outrage isn't exactly right either. Gibson tries to get the real story with Fox News Senior Correspondent Adam Housley & Senior national security reporter for Newsweek/Daily Beast, Eli Lake.

Caved! The suspension heard 'round the world has officially come to an end! A& E announced last Friday that Phil Robertson, head of the Duck Dynasty family is now reinstated on the show. FNC Host of Media Buzz, Howard Kurtz talks to john about how this debacle bailed out the media last week.

Plus: Obamacare: Now serving over a million!