Obamacare got it's most important signup today, when President Obama himself enrolled for health insurance through the Obamacare website.

But not really. The President's healthcare is covered by the U.S. military. He is the Commander In Chief, after all.

Actually two not-really's. His "signup" was symbolic. Entirely. His staff did it for him since he was signing up through the D.C. exchange, which has to be done in person. Since President Obama is in Hawaii, somebody else had to do it for him. Let's call it a photo-op without the photo.

Beyond that there is the sneaked out new rule we learned of today: the actual Obamacare signup deadline has been moved from today, December 23rd to tomorrow, December 24th. How many times have the rules on Obamacare changed? Who can keep count?

And there is a discrepancy in the numbers. Somewhere around five million people had their individual health care policies cancelled because they were not compliant with the Obamacare law. The website didn't work for a long time, the deadlines were looming, and it seemed to many in the insurance industry that there simply wasn't enough time for those five million people to re-instate their policies in order to have coverage on January 1st.

But late last week the President said only about half a million people were still without coverage. So what happend with the other 4.5 million? The signup numbers released by Obamacare officials don't seem to account for that many people. So where are those people? Covered? If so, how? Not covered? If so, how's that going to affect the law's approval numbers after the first of the year?

A hint came today from a new CNN poll which shows that approval for Obamacare has slipped another five points in the last month. That's a lot of people turning away from the health care law in a very short period of time.

For President Obama,worse news is that now sixty percent of women do not approve of Obamacare.

The supposed Republican War On Woman helped get the president re elected. Now Obamacare itself seems to be an element in a War On Women.

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