The Worst?

Barack Obama

The Worst! Was 2013 the worst year in Obama's presidency? Our dear president laughs that notion off but a lot of people ( on the right and left) think it may just be. Plus: Obamacare reaches critical enrollment deadline today. Byron York, Chief Political Correspondent for The Washington Examiner gives John the latest numbers.

Duck Drama! The suspension of Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson has even landed as a topic of conversation on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace! FNC contributor Juan Williams says the conservative outrage over Robertson's firing is hypocritical given the history of hounding MSNBC to fire Martin Bashir and others. Gibson disagrees. He will battle it out with Juan. Sacco Sacked! This is a case of trial by social media. Justine Sacco the NY PR Exec who sparked a global firestorm for her CRAZY insensitive tweet on AIDS was fired Saturday by her bosses at IAC. Before hoping a plane to South Africa, Sacco tweeted out "Going to Africa. Hope I don't get AIDS. Just kidding. I'm white!" The tweet was sent to the website Buzzfeed, and exploded from there. Gibson is annoyed at the spectacle of the instantaneous lynch mob....