Now we are supposed to believe that Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson is a homophobic hate-filled bigot because he believes that the letter from St. Paul to the Corinthians correctly lists sins, and God will sit in judgment of people who committed those sins. That's what the banished Duck Dynasty star told a GQ interviewer that has resulted in such a huge controversy.


That list of sins, outlined by St. Paul, includes homosexuality, bestiality, sexual relations out of marriage, hurting people (terrorism), and other matters such as drunkenness.

The vearded duck hunter, Phil Robertson, was not making up his own list of sins. He didn't make up the idea that homosexuality is sinful. He was referring to one of the several letters written by Paul the Apostle, which are collected in the New Testament. Paul was writing to the church in Corinth, which he had earlier founded.

In the letter Paul lists human activities which are sinful, Phil Robertson repeated that list.

For this the Duck Dynasty patriarch was banned from his own television show, and is presently being stomped into a mudhole by LGBT activists, damned as hateful, vile, disgusting and more.

There is a larger question here about whether Christians may actually believe their own New Testament in today's society. The LGBT answer seems to be no, well, not all of it. Not the parts we deem to be hateful, bigoted, vile, disgusting, etc.

I spoke to Wayne Besen on my radio program. He is a gay rights activist who runs Truthwinsout.org.

Audio clip:

That question was put to Mr. Besen directly: was St. Paul a hate-filled, bigot spewing vile, disgusting homophobia when he listed sexual relations between men as one of many sins?

Wayne Besen is clever. He danced around the question, and for good reason. Millions of Christians in this country still believe in the New Testament, including the letters of St. Paul. You can listen here.

But I think you can see that he thinks yes, Paul the Apostle was a homophobe and anyone who still believes in the message of Paul's letter to the Corinthians is a homophobe too.

So, by this logic it turns out Paul wasn't much of a saint. Try selling that notion.

Remember when you visit London and go to see Sir Christopher Wren's crowning achievement, St. Pauls Cathedral, you are endorsing a hate-filled homophobe, you are walking in an architectural marvel, but a monument to hate and gay bashing.

At least that's what the LGBT public relations campaign would have you believe.

When are the Brits going to remove the stain of that name from such a wonderous building?

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